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cbbc programmes
Shy kids perform in it
acts try to get into freedom
sam and mark introduce it
steve tries to find the top 60
an aardvarc who has a sister
Dani Harmer stars in the dumping ground
Dani Harmer returns to the dumping ground
Dani Harmer has her own house
object's with eyes
It involves animals with Rani presenting it
Paul and Barry star in it
Sarah Jane Smith Stars in it
Animals which do jobs
Created zooks which compete with other zooks
Basil gets people to phone in and swap gadgets
Basil Brush does different games in it
Basil Brush has his own show
Nev the bear behaves badly
You have to compete with the bosses
Friends group together and have to a task or treat
Babies which act bigger than what they are
Grown ups which act like kids
Konnie stars in this with other celebrities
Out of the group who can win by doing challenges to test your brain
CBBC does this academy
Kids have messy bedrooms and you have to try and get rid of as much stuff out of your bedroom as you can
You have to copy the person next to you in your family
A menice and his dog
Dick and dom star in a smaller version of a house
The dairies of their show they used to do
Mini versions of dick and dom
Inventions by Ed and Oucho
cbbc programmes
You have to escape from this island
A cat made by Frankenstein
A cartoon which involves music
A group of kids trying different foods
You have to get the score 100
Kids take over there family holiday
Gina presents it
Adults with masks on prentending they're celbrities
The teacher comes and stays at your houes
You have to hide a celeberity in your house
It teaches you about history and the rat presents it
It is a hotel with a bell boy, assistant and receptionist called Sally
You have to try and work with your enemies
Rudeboy stars in it
Dick and Dom go on a quest to find different ingredients to fix the potion
Leonard stars in it
A girl has a dad who's nickname is underpant king
Three spies hide in a school and they work for M.I.9
It is a mission
This tells you about the news
A group of 8 children go into the outback
It is a coin with the queen on it and if you run the nose then you get a wish
It is one of Raven's quest which involves a dragon
It is another of raven's quest which involves an island
It a final one of Raven's quests which involves a temple
Alistair Fury tries to get his revenge on people
Sam and Mark teach you how to dodge disaster
The mystery machine, velma, shaggy, daphnie, Fred and Scooby are in this
Hackerand his owner have to try and get the news to get into the local paper
It is a show which is secret
It is in the Amazon
It is in the Andes
cbbc programmes
It is in the Arctic
It is in the desert
It is in the Jungle
There is a sheep in it called Shaun
It involves skunk and panda, rabbit and other animals
Do different activites with paint and they sometimes go to the arty tower
They do Stupid things some have no heads
You have train and see who is the next sorcerer's apprentice
It tells you about sports
You have different tasks to see if your friend knows that your there and when you get found they say stake out
People being stupid
People do a performance and they have to take a bow
A cartoon with three chldren who go into a time warp
Doctor Who in Cartoon
Children do tasks and who the others think is sabater then they get trapped at that level
Ed and Oucho do transmissions in it
Dads dress up and see if they get noticed or not by their children
You have to answer a series of questions and the person with the lowest score is sent in the gunk
A dog and his owner and the dog's saying is watch my chops
Science experiments which go whizz and bang
It involves wishes
Rufus Hound stars in it
Richard Hammond's Lab
Super evil villains have different plans of doing evil things
Three children try to do a task to get the tronji world back together
An owl who dies in several ways
A world which is full of happiness
A school where they teach you to be silent and then you have the final exam
A group of children that find a dinosaur called dinosapien
Dick and dom present it and at the end there is a rapper
children's science magazine show
this is a UK children's reality show starring Sam, Mark and Stan

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