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Can you name the songs recorded by Jim Moray from the lyrics given?

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Now my mother is dead, and I'm left all alone,
So saddle to me my milk white steed, bridle me my pony…
Write a little note, set it off afloat…
Amelia where you bound to?
Oh don't deceive me, oh never leave me.
He's taken off his scarlet coat and got a garter below his knee.
I wish I was some little swallow, and I had wings and I could fly.
And there he stood, her own true lover.
I'll be true to my love, if my love will be true to me.
Young men don't you spend all your single life in vain.
Your flower won't do for me, because it fades too soon.
The clay will not contain me, and keep me from your arms.
And never was there a love so constant, since bold Sophia has crossed the sea.
The jury and the judge only agreed for murder of my love I hanged will be.
I sailed to the west with a schoolmate of mine…

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