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Mechanism (+other info)Drug NameType
HIV, A-analog, no-azido group, triphosphorylated by host K, competitively inhibits viral RT; causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy
(two drugs) targets M2 of flu A (M2 is protein channel integral to flu A) --> inhibiting protein entry; GI and CNS effects also PD
CMV-retinis, HIV1 and 2; inhibits DNA and RNA pol and RT, pyrophosphate mech
PI function + boosts its counterpart (usually in HAART) by inhibiting CYP3A4
4x longer half-life than its counterpart, inhibit HIV integration into host
inhibit HIV integration into host, used in monotherapy, pediatric use.
mcl Ab against against HIV
inhibits both replication and assembly, by cleaving nascent HIV proteins GAG and GAGPOL
mcl Ab against against HIV
flu A and flu B, inhibits neuraminidase, which cleaves the sialic acids, causes nausea, comiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, not recommended for pts with COPD and asthma
Mechanism (+other info)Drug NameType
starts w N, inhibit RT allosterically by binding to NNRTI pocket, induces CYP3A4
flu A and flu B, resistance exists for this drug, also capsule or powder = high oral bioavail
flu A and flu B, perenteral; NA inh for certain pts carrying H1N1, sold only in Jap and S Kor
mcl Ab against GP120, prevention drug, not treatment
altered G; monophospho by HSV TK, effective against HSV, VZV, not CMV; if IV then phlebitis may occur
HIV, T-analog, azido group, triphosphorylated by host K, competitively inhibits viral RT; 100x affinity for viral host DNA pol (though mito pol sensitive)
IV; inhibits pore formation/entry, lines along the GP41 coil, preventing folding; reaction at injection site so need analgesics or new sites
G-analog, blocks replication, active against CMV retinitis,; needed in trasplantation, BM suppression, given w AZT side effects bad, resistance if viral UL97 kinase mutated
starts w E, inhibit RT allosterically by binding to NNRTI pocket, induces CYP3A4

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