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mech of thalidomide
breast cancers cells make induce fibroblasts using these (2) cytokines
name the refinement alternatives we covered (3 acronyms)
name two in vitro skin corrosivity test kits
T or F: MIR, ultrasound, CT, PET, SPECT, optical imaging are examples of non-invasive imaging in rodents
Name one major drawback of in vitro skin irritancy tests
ethanol kills___ (3 words)
T or F: Retinoids affect homeobox gene
T or F: pH, eval of skin irrit, strucutre activity relationship correlation, alternative tests, one animal two animals are the steps to avoiding the Draize test
acute toxicology dosage time vs assay time
non mutagenic carcinogens, alter DNA methylation, and cell prolif, homronal actions, enz induction etc, can be complete carcinogens by themselves
genotoxic carcinogens that do require bioactivation eg PAHs
thalidomide as a therapeutic for
International/Interagency ECVAM
T or F: UF and MF are unitless
the carcinogen that actually forms adducts and causes genotox
EtOH while preggers leads to
Cl found in the ___ position creates a non planar dioxin
IARC probably carcinogenic to humans
aromatases makes ___ into ___
phorbols inhibit what
disrupts cholesterol synthesis
IARC agent is carcinogenic to humans
two types of toxicity tests, broad, (2)
issue for public regarding animal testing (2)
T or F: adipocytes have higher aromatase activity
name regulatory parameters (7)
computational tox acronym
chronic toxicology dosage time vs assay time
TCDD is a what? starts with d
these mimic thyroid homrones, androgens or estrogens
interdigitate deficiciencies caused by
T or F: more animals are used in acute than in chronic toxicity
hypospadia, increased cryptominism, cancer, testicular cancer, symptoms of what
measure the quality of vaccines and other drugs of bio origin and check for contamination
SHH signaling mechanism depends on this substance
veratrum californicum is found in
Three stage of cancer (3) in order
genotoxic carcinogens that do not require bioactivations
fibroblasts have inducible ____ activity
this method replaced GPMS
_-_quinone of estrogen is the highly mutagenic one
this guy created teratogen principles
carcinogens that require bioactivation, and attach DNA , mutagenic, no theoretical threshold
intermediate btween procarcinogen and ultimate carcinogen
European committee validating alternative methods
the _-_ aflotoxin epoxide is the carcinogenic one
what vitamin decreases incidence in neural tube defects and spina bifida
DES mechanisms (one word)
deaths of cancer for males due to cancer in this order (3)
name the three pluripotent embryonic stem cells we covered (3)
name another indirect carcinogen that we covered that is not PAHs or aflotoxin
The BaP_-_diol_-_epoxide is the carcinogenic one (fill the numbers)
issues for scientists regarding animal testing (2)
IARC possible carcinogenic to humans
parent carciniogen that enters body is termed
Bacterial test seeing chemical is mutagen
1931: his guy wrote really obvious things about use of experimental animals usch as do experiments with least infliction of suffering or avoid an exp if already done
reasosn for decrease of death from birth defect
planar or non planar cell binds AhR
TCE or trichloroehtylene binds to what receptor
Animal test assumptions (2)
subchronic tox dosage time vs assay time (m for month)
TCDD and dioxins binds to
IARC not classifiable for humans
ethanol affects this HOX gene
sex hormones DES and BPA binds to what receptor
structure activity relationship and kinetic modelling acronym
term meaning to test for enviro effects of chemicals, used on fish, algae and water fleas
IARC no carcinogenic for humans
the major symptom of the teratogen thalidomide is

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