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T or F: acetylation is more active in caucasians than in asians
mech of shiga toxin (2)
a single base change in DNA observed among individuals groups, or pop occuring in at least 1% of pop, neither detrimental nor beneficial
Canada's workplace safety
four assesment of toxicodynamics (4) in right order
1952 Act to clean England's airs
tributyltin is a ____ (class of compound)
tributyltin causes ____ in shellfish
this is a mutation hotspot
probit unit 3-7 would include what % of pop
cell responses to DNA damage (2, single words)
direct repair via this one-time-use enz
movement through cells
indirubins bind this at low conc
USA list of industrial chemicals (name)
T or F:single base substitution, indel, duplication, translocation / single base, insertion and deletion, duplication, and translocation are the four types of mutations
attributes of target criteria (3) right order
recombination: Grabs a piece of DNA not sister chromatid and can lead to chromo aberrations
identification is usually done by (3)
4 types of mixture effects (4 single words)
Distrubution occurs via two systems:
1947: act saying that a susbtance that was neither drug had to be shown to be safe and efficacious
Mammalinan cytogenetic assays (3, use acronyms)
agent which induces increase freq of mutations
to hide presence of illegal drugs
study that takes a group of people, one factor and see outcomes, can be prospective or retro
RW Pount member of IOC creates this group, dedicated to test for doping drugs
acetylation of amine groups done by?
First food and drug law (USA) to band elixirs and stuff and their poisonings
Indirect detection of DNA damage (1 way)
measure of distribution
Xeroderma Pigmentosum XP is caused by defects in which enzymes
drug used in micronuclei assay to block further cell division
way to create DS break
extraction is the process of making a ____ sample
three routes of exposure (3 single words) order we learned + 4th is injection
two types of exposures (2 single) in lecture 5 MC
T or F: UDS preferably on non-prolif cells (because S-phase has strong BrdU staining)
name of extrapolation linear straight to zero eg for carcinogens (1 word)
agent caues gain or less of chr during chromatin condensation
Canada's FDA
health risk perception two factors (2, single words)
three grid system soil samplings (3)
act requiring data on food, drug and cometics additives
Test name for Arsenic
T or F: LD50 must be extrapolated
agent to create DNA-DNA crosslink
St anthony's fire fungal name
outcomes of toxicodynamics (3, single words)
ways to create SS break
separation is usually done by ____ techniques
Pharmacodynamics two ways (mech) (2, many words)
T or F: coroners have judicial role while medical have to be doctors; they deal with live patients
T or F: industrial revolution = lots of development in tox field
T or F: saturation kinetics involves half-lives
codeine is broken down by which cyp
this group created the IOC
key word for epidemiology: study of ___ that modify health
synthetic frameshift inducer
Repair pathways (4, use acronyms)
measure of elim
list including substances used for manufacturing purposes or manufacture in or imported into Canada @ greater or equal to 100kg/year
T or F: genital area less vulnerable than other areas
this creates CPDs aka T=T
name the two combination sep/ID procedures we learned (2) right order
Germany 2011 epidemiology example
average number of SNPs in haplotype
Alter bio enviro 4 ways (4) right order
the primary substance, pure, not mix, that causes tox effect
pesticide list, 2000 active ingredients, on this list
small particles withing tiny water droplets, oth
study that looks for a correlation, can't set causation, ODDS ratio
two types of reaction types (2)
uses agarose gel, and measuring length of stuff
four ways to dope (4 single acronyms) in right order
three types of forensic toxicology (3) in right order
Identification of chr abnormalibity by molecular hybridization of a labelled DNA probe
use of a substance by any route, for non-theapy reasons to enhance performance
why results don't match with study (3 factors, single words)
T or F: potency vs efficacity is pretty much horizontal shifts vs max y-value, repectively
99% of all males have T/E ratio of
two contols for air pollution experiment (2)
study that gives probable causation, retrospective only, disease vs non-disease, trying to figure what crucial factor is
name of extrapolation used for interactans and goes to zero on x-axis (1 word)
name 3 kinetic 'special' locations (3 acronyms for 1)
any substance foreign to a bio system
uncontrollable and not observable eg
group of people together that came down with something
3 components of health risk assessment:
Direct detection of DNA damage (3, two single words, one many)
people have common polymorphisms in these type of enzymes
sampling schemes (4) in the order in class
positive y-intercept DR extrapolation name
Assumptions underying DE relationship (3)
IOC banned this before 1976 olympics in mtl
recombination: During G2, use of 2 chromatids, using one as template, less error prone than counterpart
PAHs causes which type of cancer
T or F: neoantigens can alter proteins directly or indirectly
T or F: p is long arm
eg of hormesis given by TS (4 full name)
useful of interchr rearrangements, has the word paint
T or F: increase of rare disease, increase in an unusual population and increase in common disease / rare disease, unusual pop and common disease are presentation of disease cluste
a big confounding factor
ways to create DNA-protein cross link
NER and two types of repair
plant toxin that could kill you in small amounts
sequential SNPs, or alleles, on sinle chr, rare sep by recombination
greater or equal to one million pounds/yr
surface water sampled using this technique
three types of SNPs (3) right order
movement between cells
endogenous frameshift inducer
less than 1% of pop, usually harmful genomic change ass with human disease of increase or risk
HPLC, mass spec, immunodetection involved in detecting these
Recombination repair consists of these 2:

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