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'I may be cheating just about everyone I deal with, but I still am a very rich man'1890
'We need better working conditions for the workers, happier lives for the poor, and no alcohol for anyone'1890
'If we dare fight Britain, our doom will be sealed.'1775
'Jackson was cheated of the Presidency thanks to that Adams.'1824
'Because of the different branches of government, there is no chance of the people being slaves to tyranny.'1789
'Rather than show violence towards our fellow man, we should show kindness towards him.'1665
'While I don't care about the current states, new states must not have any slaves whatsoever.'1845
'In order to prevent an abuse of power, the states should have strong governments.'1800
'We have to make sure, by any means neccesary, blacks will have the means to be able to support themselves.'1870
'We need to eliminate the immigrant problem before they ruin both our economy and way of life.'1890

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