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Can you name the name all of the Minecraft Mobs!?

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This passive mob can be spawn on any opaque block.
You can get wool and mutton from the mob.
A passive mob you can put a saddle on and ride.
An annoying mob that flies through anywhere dark.
It only spawns in Mushroom Biomes.
This passive mob cannot be hurt by fall damage.
This passive mob can be spawned in any biome, a style for each biome.
This passive mob is found in water.
A mob that is sometimes annoying and likes emeralds, you can trade with it.
This hostile mob likes to kill villagers and you, player.
A hostile mob that was a deformed pig.
You, the boy you.
You, the girl you.
It was a removed mob but you can still summon it using commands.
A weird looking fish found in Ocean Monument.
There are three in each Ocean Monument.
It's an neutral mob that has 8 legs.
It's a darker neutral mob that has 8 legs.
This mob shoots arrows at you.
Archer and the 8 legged mob working together.
You find it in the nether, if you hit it, it's race will hit you back.
You find it in the nether, It shoots flaming balls at you.
It's a white mob added in 1.10
This mob is known for teleporting and stealing blocks.
It's a mob that doesn't get fall damaged and the baby villager killer working together.
If you break it's stone home or go near it, it and it's race will attack you.
It looks like the stone home mob, but found in the end.
Found in the nether and looks freaky as hell. *Hah, get it?*
It doesn't die right away, it splits into halves and halves when you kill it.
It looks similar but more intimidating then that previous question.
This mob was previously a passive one but was killed.
It is a neutral mob at first but when you tame it you're it's master.
This tameable mob likes fish.
It's the tameable version of the previous question.
A villager with a lot of potions.
This mob is found in the end, it looks like a block at first.
It's the hostile mob that likes killing villagers added in 1.10
It's a hostile archer that is added in 1.10
It's found in nether fortresses and is a black archer that isn't holding a bow but it's holding a sword.
It's a brown four legged mammal you can tame put armor on it and ride it.
It's similar to the four legged mammal but this time it's black and you can tame it.
It's a gray four legged mammal you can tame.
It's a four legged mammal struck by lightning.
It's an undead version of the four legged mammal
It's the four legged lightning victim plus the archer.
This mob is made with 4 iron blocks and a pumpkin.
This mob is made with 2 snow and a pumpkin
This mob looks cute at first but then kills you.
It's a boss found in the end.
A boss made with 4 soul sand and 3 Wither Skulls.
This is a suicide bomber multiplied by two.

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