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Can you name all of the Minecraft Mobs? (1.12)

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You play as this woman.
Usually found in caves, and can fly around.
It throws several fire charges at you at a time.
It looks differ depending on where it spawns.
A slightly smaller arachnid that can poison you.
This passive mob cannot take fall damage.
A baby zombie riding a chicken.
This mob drops beef and/or leather when you kill it.
Probably most known mob in Minecraft
You can put a saddle and armor on it.
You can find three of this mob in an ocean monument.
It is a boss that spits out ender charges.
It gets triggered when you look at it in the eye.
Using an ender pearl has a 5% chance of spawning this mob.
This illager summons fangs and weird blue flying thingies.
They shoot explosive fire balls at the player.
An unused, over-sized zombie.
Found in Ocean Monuments.
You can put a saddle and armor on it.
Zombies that spawn in the desert.
An unused illager that blinds you and shots you with a bow.
These are golems that protect villagers.
It's a bunny that kills.
It is like a horse but found in the deserts.
Like slime, but found in the nether.
It spawns on mycelium and spawns in the mushroom islands.
You can put a saddle and armor on it.
They attack chickens and creepers avoid them.
They are found in the jungle and are colorful.
You can place a saddle on this mob and use a carrot on a stick to move around.
They spawn in cold biomes and its babies are passive.
Shoots bullets that make you levitate, and hides in a purple shell.
They live in stone and get angry when you break the stony it lives in.
Classic example of a dumb archer.
You can put a saddle and armor on it, and its outermost layer is its skeletal system.
A skeleton that rides on a skeleton horse.
These are golems that throw snowballs.
An arachnid that is 3×3×2 blocks big.
A skeleton that rides on a spider.
You play as this man.
Skeletons that spawn in icy biomes.
Summoned in small groups by the evoker.
Likes emeralds and offers horrible trades for them.
An illager that attacks you and villagers.
Likes to throw potions around.
Summoned by using wither skulls and soulsand.
A skeleton that holds a stone sword.
Man's best friend.
These turn villagers into _____ villagers.
You can put a saddle and armor on it, and it's undead.
Found in the nether and holds a golden sword.
This poor fellow was murdered by a zombie and turned into this thing.

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