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Mario's first side-scrolling platformer and this game helped aid in the resurrection of the NA video game crash of 1983NES(1985)
Samus Aran's first and only adventure on the SNESSNES(1994)
First LoZ game that uses 3D graphics and is at the top of many peoples top games of all-time listsN64(1998)
Alexey Pajitnov's masterpiece and pack-in-game for the Game BoyGB(1989)
Launch title for the N64 and Mario's first jump into 3DN64(1996)
First and only LoZ game on the SNES and the debut of the Master SwordSNES(1991)
Samus Aran makes her return after an eight year hiatus in this first-person action adventureGCN(2002)
Original pack-in-game for the SNES and the debut of YoshiSNES(1991)
Bowser's Koopalings make there introduction in this Mario platformerNES(1990)
Gotta catch 'em all The original adventure in this long running series developed by Game FreakGB(1998)
Help Link collect the eight pieces of the Triforce in order to save the Princess from the evil GanonNES(1987)
Mario's first 3D platformer that takes place in spaceWii(2007)
Kart racer with four player support this time aroundN64(1997)
First LoZ game to not take place in the land of HyruleGB(1993)
Take control of various Yoshi's in this whiny platformerSNES(1995)
Take control of Little Mac and punch your way through three circuits towards the final showdown against Mr. Dream/Mike TysonNES(1987)
First LoZ game to utilize cel-shaded graphicsGCN(2003)
A multiplayer remake of this game was released on the GCN with the subtitle Mega Party Game$!GBA(2003)
Best-selling game on the GCN and a smashing sequel to Nintendo's most popular fighting game franchiseGCN(2001)
FAWLCON PAWNCH!! Futuristic racing game where up to 32 competitors race on massive circuitsGCN(2003)
Tactical RPG that takes place in the Fire Emblem universe3DS(2013)
Take control of a bear and a bird in this epic adventure released by Rare N64(1998)
FPS released by Rare based on the 1995 James Bond film of the same nameN64(1997)
Gotta catch 'em all 156 new pokemon species and the introduction of rotation and triple battlesDS(2011)
Rail shooter that came bundled with the N64 rumble pakN64(1997)
This time around the player takes on the role of the town mayor instead of a normal villager3DS(2013)
Kart racer that introduces anti-gravity racingWii U(2014)
'This game stinks'. Help Ness and friends defeat the evil GiygasSNES(1995)
First Mario RPG and the only devoloped by SquareSNES(1996)
This GBA game's cartridge has a built-in gyro sensor and rumble feature GBA(2005)
Kart racer with 'double' the funGCN(2003)
Gotta catch 'em all 100 new pokemon species and explore the regions of Johto and KantoGBC(2000)
Sequel to Mario's first 3D space platformer and this time with YoshiWii(2010)
Pack-in-game that came with the Wii and the second best-selling game of all timeWii(2006)
Jumpman is on a mission to rescue his girlfriend Pauline from his pet apeArcade(1981)
This game is loosley based on a 1981 arcade game of the same name and its 1982 sequelGB(1994)
Turn-based tactics game involving the Orange Star nation at warGBA(2001)
Help Wario collect treasure and save Princess ShokoraGBA(2001)
Enhanced remake of Samus Aran's original adventureGBA(2004)
Help the Mario Bros. reclaim Princess Peach's voice from the evil CacklettaGBA(2003)
LoZ game with a high amount of emphasis on masksN64(2000)
Spiritual sequel to the LoZ game on the SNES3DS(2013)
Sequel with 3D in its title to a certain Mario game on the 3DSWii U(2013)
Gotta catch 'em all 70 new pokemon species and the introduction of the fairy type3DS(2013)
Another game in this addicting puzzle game franchise with several new modes to enjoyDS(2006)
Action RPG starring ShulkWii(2012)
Mario game featurning FLUDD that takes place on Isle DelfinoGCN(2002)
North American sequel to Mario's original adventure on the NESNES(1988)
First Mario game on the 3DS3DS(2011)
A remix of various early NES gamesWii U(2013)
Only Mario RPG on the GCNGCN(2004)
SNES game that utilizes the Super FX chip and stars a FoxSNES(1993)
Kirby game that is controlled exclusively with the DS stylusDS(2005)
Little Mac is back and punching his way to the World ChampionshipSNES(1994)
Action RPG LoZ game with varying perspectivesNES(1988)
Platformer that utilizes the DK BongosGCN(2005)
First game in Nintendo's Puzzle League seriesSNES(1996)
Japanese Rhythm game and a prequel to Rhythm HeavenGBA(2006)JP
Wario's back and ready to reclaim his treasure from Captain Syrup GB & GBC(1998)
Japanese only RPG starring LucasGBA(2006)JP
Nintendo + Dogs who can go wrong?DS(2005)
First LoZ game to be released on two different home consolesWii & GCN(2006)
Experience anthropomorphic animals, a greedy tanuki and much more in this social simulation gameGCN(2002)
Diddy in his first starring role alongside his girlfriend DixieSNES(1995)
Kart racer with Online capabilitiesDS(2005)
Mario is back in a side-scrolling platformer for the first time since 1992DS(2006)
FAWLCON PAWNCH!! Futuristic racing game launch title for the SNESSNES(1991)
Mario's hitting the links again and this time with online capabilities 3DS(2014)
Take the role of Joanna Dark in this FPS by RareN64(2000)
LoZ games devolped by CapcomGBC(2001)
First game featuring Samus Aran on the WiiWii(2007)
Kart racing game with various Mario charactersSNES(1992)
A remix of various mid-late NES gamesWii U(2014)
Samus Aran's first adventureNES(1987)
A 'Wild World' awaits in this social simulation gameDS(2005)
Action-platformer starring PitNES(1987)
One of two games on the GBA to utilize a rumble featureGBA(2006)
Only Mario RPG on the N64N64(2001)
Nintendo characters in an all out KO festN64(1999)
Rare racing game with cars, planes and hovercraftsN64(1997)
Help Cpt. Olimar repair his ship and return homeGCN(2001)
Snowboard racing gameN64(1998)
Japanese Rhythm game similar to Elite Beat AgentsDS(2005)JP
Platformer starring a suckable pink characterNES(1993)
Return of the Ape this time wearing a red tieSNES(1994)
eShop only puzzle game3DS(2011)
Mario's hitting the links againGCN(2003)
Another smashing sequel in this Nintendo fighting game franchise is an all out 'brawl'Wii(2008)
Along with Link the player is also able to control PhantomsDS(2009)
StreetPass Games3DS(2013)
Tactical RPG Pokemon crossover gameDS(2012)
Gotta snap 'em allN64(1999)
Debut of LuigiArcade(1983)
Ghostly sequel to a GCN launch title3DS(2013)
Action-puzzler released by RareN64(1997)
Debut of WaluigiN64(2000)
Samus Aran is back and sporting a blue appearanceGBA(2002)
Nonogram puzzle gameDS(2007)
Ghostly launch title for GCN starring Luigi and a vacuumGCN(2001)
Tactical RPG starring MarthNES(1990)JP
Black box racing game released in the programmable seriesNES(1985)
Earliest game in the LoZ timeline preceding The Minish CapWii(2011)
2.5D Mario platformer with up to 4 player simultaneous multiplayerWii(2009)
Spiritual succesor to Mario Paint released only in JapanN64DD(2000)
This game came packaged with a mouse and padSNES(1992)
N64 launch titleN64(1996)
8 games in one!...actually 9SNES(1996)
Sequel to the bear and bird's epic adventure released by RareN64(2000)
Jet-ski racing gameN64(1996)
Japanese Cabal shooterN64(2000)JP
Joust clone that was also released for the NES in 1986Arcade(1984)
Platformer released by Retro Studios that's absolutley bananasWii(2010)
Mario board game that introduced duelsN64(2001)
First Mario puzzle game with his PhDNES(1990)
FAWLCON PAWNCH!! Futuristic high speed racing gameN64(1998)
LoZ sequel to Wind WakerDS(2007)
Japanese's sequel to Super Mario Bros.NES(1986)JP
A 'Marvelous' Super Famicom gameSNES(1996)JP
Debut of WarioGB(1992)
Mario board game that introduced capsulesGCN(2003)
The 101 Dalmatians favorite gameWii U(2013)
Year of Luigi gameWii U(2013)
SNES launch titleSNES(1991)
FAWLCON PAWNCH!! Expansion kit for game #115N64DD(2000)
An 'exciting' racing experienceWii (2006)

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