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What was the document that boldly denounced the recent tariff and calling for nullification of the tariff by all states'?
What was the New Democracy?
What happened as a result of the Panic of 1819?
Who ran in the Election of 1824?
What amendment allowed the top three Electoral vote getters to be voted upon in the House of Representative to determine who would be elected president?
What had Jackson called the agreement between John Q Adams and Henry Clay?
What was the result of the tariff of 1819?
What state was the first to protest against the tariff of 1819?
What areas did Jackson earn most of his support from?
What was a major tactic of the election of 1828?
Was Jackson anti-federalist or federalist?
What is the spoils system?
Who was Jackson's secretary of state?
What was one result of the Peggy Eaton affair?
Where did John Q Adams receive most of his support from?

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