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Name all four members of the Beatles
The song 'Black Magic Woman,' best known for the version by Santana, was written by this band
In what city did the casino fire which inspired the Deep Purple song 'Smoke on the Water' occur?
This album holds the record for the longest duration on the Billboard Top 200 (741 weeks)
This group, fronted by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, is known as 'The Thinking Man's Band'
This band named themselves after their high school phys-ed teacher
Mountain wrote a song for this farmer whose land was used for the Woodstock Festival
Sting was famously a member of this band before becoming a solo artist
This band is known for its members' costumes: Starchild, Spaceman, Demon, and Catman
Before becoming a solo artist, Phil Collins was the drummer (and later vocalist) for this band
This former Amboy Dukes guitarist is also a crossbow hunter
This ex-guitarist of Humble Pie is famous for using a talkbox
This type of electric piano was commonly used by Supertramp
This band got their title from the name of a fire engine
This vocalist's group is known as the Silver Bullet Band
What classic rock song is most famous for featuring yodeling for its vocals?
In the summer of what year did the Woodstock Music & Art Fair take place?
This Procol Harum song is the most-played-in-public song in the UK over the last 75 years
Name each guitarist of The Yardbirds
What notable body part did Rick Allen, drummer of Def Leppard, lose in a car accident?
Who played the famous slide guitar solo in the Derek and the Dominos song 'Layla?'
This Steppenwolf song may be the source of the term 'heavy metal' as a music genre
The guitarist of this band composed the music for 'The Princess Bride'
Name Styx's first three guitarists
For the cover of its 1977 album, this band built a large helium-filled pig
Whose comment inspired the name of the band Led Zeppelin?
Ritchie Blackmore formed this band after leaving Deep Purple
David Bowie wrote this song to be performed by Mott the Hoople
Type the last name of rock's most famous brothers with albinism
Its heavy use of what instrument makes Kansas unique?
Name Thin Lizzy's first four guitarists
This band's first album is titled 'No Answer' in the U.S. due to a telephone misunderstanding
Who composed Pictures at an Exhibition, the suite used by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer for their second album?
What is the title of the Nazareth song famous for the repeated lyric, 'Now you're messing with a son of a bitch?'
After taking LSD together, the members of this band wrote 'Legend of a Mind' in tribute to Timothy Leary
The Vox Continental organ is most famously associated with which psychadelic band?
After not releasing an album for 17 years, this band released 'Bingo!' in 2010
What notable Canadian musician has often been a member of Crazy Horse?
Steve Howe, original guitarist of Asia, is more famously the guitarist of this band
This band, famous for its members' beards, has been active since 1969
This album by The Who is usually considered the original 'rock opera'
These British R&B superstars took their name from a Muddy Waters song
This Journey song is the most downloaded track not released in the 21st century
Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull often simultaneously hums and plays this instrument
After leaving King Crimson, Ian McDonald formed this band with singer Lou Graham and guitarist Mick Jones
Name the home country of the following bands
Golden Earring 
Guitarist Joe Walsh has been a member of both the Eagles and Barnstorm. What band was he in before either of these?
Type the better-known name that the following bands switched to
The Electric Elves 
At what famous San Francisco music venue did The Allman Brothers, Cream, and the Mothers of Invention each record live albums?
One of the prototypical examples of shock rock, this vocalist would often 'decapitate' or 'electrocute' himself on stage
For each guitarist, give the nickname of the guitar they most famously owned
Eric Clapton (1) 
Eric Clapton (2) 
Stevie Ray Vaughan (1) 
Stevie Ray Vaughan (2) 
Billy Gibbons 
Brian May 
Eddie Van Halen 
This album was pressed in yellow vinyl, in a shiny gold sleeve, with a label instructing listeners to 'play at full volume'

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