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Four Allied heavy cruisers were sunk at this August 9, 1942 naval battle. The Japanese flotilla was led by Vice Admiral Gunichi Mikawa.
Colonel Ichiki and his crack infantry were slaughtered by dug-in marines at this battle.
The Japanese aircraft carrier Ryujo was sunk at this naval battle by planes from the USS Saratoga.
US Marines successfully defended a namesake ridge.
Admiral Norman Scott ambushed a Japanese reinforcement convoy on October 12, 1942. This battle is named after the northernmost point on Guadalcanal.
The USS Hornet was sunk at this October 26, 1942 battle. After this battle, the USS Enterprise was the only remaining American carrier in the South Pacific.
This land battle is named after the airstrip captured by the Americans.
The Japanese battleships Hiei and Kirishima were sunk during this battle.
Although Raizo Tanaka's convoy was caught by surprise, his ships still managed to launch torpedos and sink the USS Northampton and damage three other US heavy cruisers.
This was the last major naval battle of the Guadalcanal Campaign. The USS Chicago was sunk by aerial torpedos near this battle's namesake island.

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