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Achievement NameGameDescription
Explore EuropeNuke Washington DC, New York and San Francisco in a single match
PopperBurst 1000 Balloons
Police BrutalityCause 10 people to be shot by police
Zoo KeeperCollect all the masks
Too HonestTurn over EZIC docs to M.O.I investigator
Do you even Enzyte, bro?Unzipped your pants and got 3 women to laugh at it.
Flying FortressBomb an enemy city with a B-17.
Doctor Doctor, Give Me The NewsAnswer the phone.
Heat WaveCrash the Earth into the Sun
Achievement NameGameDescription
Walk Without RhythmKilled Siege Worm
FarmingHave humans complete a granary project.
Help Help I'm being RepressedHarass wondering peasants on the map.
The Marriage GameMarry another character
First BloodKill Mary.
Nose JobDestroy the nose of the Sphinx
Good ShepherdRescue all hostages in a single round.
War, Endless FightingYou saw the peace of ages burn to a pile of ash. From the ashes rose two armies, Human and Monster, who will fight forever. This is your legacy.
Heads TogetherDecapitate 2 opponents with 1 swing
WorshiperPinged your Zeus.

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