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Forced Order
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Origin: ulna pronates the forearm
2 heads: Long/short Short head on coracoid process and inserts on radial tuberosity on radius. Long head on supraglenoid tubercule and inserts on upper ulna.. Supinates plus flexor
Radial wrist insertion (lateral) flexor + abductor
Crosses elbow weak extensor contracts during pronation + supination.. Humerus to ulna
Covers glenohumeral joint.. Causes adduction
Elevates scapula
Inferior to infraspinatus. Posterior part of proximal humerus.. Lateral roatator
Origin: chest insertion: humerus causes flexion
Origin: Ribs Inserts: achromion Stabalizes scapula
Humerus and wraps around radius.. Supinator
Deep to scapula Subscapularis fossa and inserts on humerus. Medial rotator adductor
4 small muscle of the hand
Same function as minor but inferior in location
Rotates 5th digit to meet thumb
medial epicondyle to pisiform bone of hand. Adduct + flex
Adduction of wrist.. Lateral epicondyle.. Extends
3 muscle inbetween metacarpals.. Adduct.. Pad
Abduction.. Lateral epicondyle.. Extends
Flex digits 2-5
Adducts thumb on metacarpal 3
Keeps scapula pressed against thoracic wall.. Deep to trapezius and superior to Rhomboideus major
Pronator.. Distal part of radius + ulna
Scapula to humerus shaft.. Medial rotator adductor of humerus
flexes thumb
Abducts thumb
Flex digit 1
Extends digits 2-5
Abducts thumb
3 heads: medial, lateral, long.. Medial + lateral shaft of humerus. Long on scapula..Extension
Deepest of three thenar muscles.. Rotates thumb to touch other finger tips
4 muscles abduct Dab
Inserts on shaft of humerus originates on vertebrae. Extension + adduction
Origin: Ribs Inserts: scapula posteriorly. Holds Scapula against body wall
Abducts digit 5
Between radius + humerus.. Flexor supenator
Deep to clavicle
Flexor of elbow Inserts on ulna originates on humerus
Diamond shpaed. Goes from vertebrae to scapula. 2nd muscle to prevent winging
Extends digit 5
Medial epicondyle goes down to form palmar aponeurosis
Infraspinatus fossa to posterior part of proximal humerus.. Lateral rotator
Flexes digit 5
Origin: supraspinatus fossa Insertion: greater tubercule Abducts at shoulder
Extends thumb

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