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Separates thoracic cavity; contracts to aid in respiration
Cheek to angle of Mouth; Retracts angle of mouth to produce a smile
Hyoid to tongue; retract tongue
Sphenoid to condylar; Helps elevate and protrude mandible
Superior, Inferior, Lateral, Medial Rectus; Originate from common tendonous ring
Rotation and flexion of the Neck
Elevates mandible
Is pelvic floor; Most work of pelvic diaphragm
Wrinkling in Nose
Deep to lateral pterygoid; Inner surface of ramus of mandible to angle of mandible; elevation of mandible + minor protrusion
Depresses Mandible
Deep to erector spinae; Capitis; Cervicis; Thoracis
Helps compress the Ribs and aids women in child birth delivery; Deep to internal oblique
Elevates Mandible
Gives wrinkling to Eyebrow
Depress Lower Lip
Pulls the chest down and compresses abdominal cavity
Deep to external; Opposes diaphragm; Rotates trunk
Move scapula + support arm
Deep to erector spinae; Capitis; Cervicis; Thoracis
Muscles of inhalation
Iliocostalis (Most Lateral); Longissimus; Spinalis (Most Medial)
Aids Rector Spinae
Muscles of exhalation
Depress angle of Mouth
Sphincter of Eye
Elevates Eyebrows
Surround area of Perinea; Allow of erection of penis and clitoris; Aids in Urination and Ejaculation in males
Inferior to tongue inserts to mandible; Responsible for protruding tongue
Lift angle of Mouth
Helps elevate Upper Lip
Sphincter of Mouth
Makes-a-da-poo-poo leaves
From styloid process; Posterior + retracts tongue
Runs through trochlea and attaches to sclera (white part of eye); Depresses and abducts
Elevates upper eyelid
Moves coccyx posteriorly
Elevates Upper Lip
Originates and inserts on skin (only muscle to do so); Neck muscle that contracts when stressed
Originates on Maxilla; elevates abducts
Depress and protrudes Lower Lip
Deep in Cheek; Keep cheek rigid for chewing
Paired muscle aids in lateral flexion rotation + extension; Iliocostalis; Longissimus; Spinalis

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