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DefinitionTermsSanskrit translation
Noble, civilized, holy, a saint
the outflow of attention or consciousness'flow'
the self, one's self'self'
enlightenment, the mind perfectly stilled'awakening'
God as Creator
the enlightened one'awakened'
law, virtue, or 'The Way' as Buddha teaches it'to support'
a stage of meditation, level of consciousness'meditation'
suffering, the unfortunate human condition'suffering'
Siddhartha's clan name
DefinitionTermsSanskrit translation
one who's reached high levels of attainment
the Buddhist law of cause and effect'something done'
death, evil tempter of selfish minds'to die'
extinction of selfish desires, perfect peace'out'
the cycle of birth and death'that which is in incessant movement'
a mental or behavioral complex or inclination'intense doer'
basic principles of a subject'thread'
the craving for personal selfish satisfaction'thirst'
essential teaching of the Buddha(1)life is full of suffering (2) caused by selfish desire (3) that can be removed (4) by following the 8fold path

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