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QUIZ: Can you name the Back to the Future Part 2?

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Name of Griff's hover board
Age of Marty's boss in 2015
what number is the jaws film?
who serves Marty in the cafe '80s?
What does biff drive?
What date did biff kill george mcfly?
what does biff turn into a hotel/casino?
Name of Biff's business?
floor marty wakes up on?
what does the guy think marty has stolen from biff?
hint answer
What two bits of reading material has bif got at the prom?
What has been done the delorean?
'I don't remember #### being on theses windows'.
Who offers hover converions in hill valley
Thats about as funny as a ########## on a battleship'
Screendoor on a ######### you dork'
when is doc living in?
When does biff won his first million when?
Which president does biff help stay in power?
Who does marty findto help get back in time to 1885 to find the doc and bring him home?

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