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Can you name the all the Doctor Who Technologies given?

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Some of them are sonic
Technological Race that likes the word EXTERMINATE
Race that absorbs people/things to survive
Used by Captain Jack and River Song
Created by Amelia Pond while waiting for the Doctor and Rory for thirty years in a day and an hour.
Can scan and disable most things. (Can't be used on wood and is the Doctor's favorite tool)
Episode where there were three people: Chinny, Sandshoes, and Old Man
The Big Blue Box
Some of them are sonic
Race that looks like people but only has the human brain.
Worn on Captain Jack Harkness' right wrist, and can manipulate the time vortex to bend at will.
The largest war between the Daleks, Cybermen, and Time Lords
I like _________ now. __________ are cool.
The 10th Doctor had these
Greatest weapon in the universe with its own conscience
Statue that only moves while unobserved

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