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Can you name the things that begin with the letter X in each Sporcle category?

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Marvel Comics superhero team of mutants led by Charles Xavier.Entertainment
This console series is produced by Microsoft and was introduced in 2001.Gaming
The capital city of the Mexican state of Veracruz.Geography
Persian king who led his empire in the Battle of Thermopylae.History
This is a common abbreviation for the holiday of Christmas.Holiday
This form of electromagnetic radiation is used to make radiographs.Just for Fun
This company has become a proprietary eponym meaning to copy documents.Language
Harry Potter character who was editor of The Quibbler and Luna Lovegood's father.Literature
This Catholic university has a cross-town rivalry with the University of Cincinnati.Miscellaneous
2002 film starring Vin Diesel as special agent Xander Cage.Movies
The third studio album by the British alternative rock band Coldplay.Music
Derogatory term for Eastern Orthodox believers who revered images and icons.Religion
Chemical element that is a noble gas having an atomic number of 54.Science
Football league founded by Vince McMahon that lasted one season in 2001.Sports
Fox science fiction series that followed Mulder and Scully.Television

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