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Can you name the things that begin with the letter O in each Sporcle category?

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Supervillain and enemy of Batman, The Penguin's birth name is this.Entertainment
Mattel board game based on the board game Reversi.Gaming
The only country in the world beginning with the letter O.Geography
World War I led to the dissolution of this transcontinental empire. History
An autumn beer festival and travelling funfair held annually in Munich, Germany.Holiday
I love is an anagram of this Mediterranean fruit known for its oil.Just for Fun
The number eight (8) is spelled this way in the Spanish language.Language
The last name of Katie Scarlett in the novel Gone With the Wind.Literature
Syracuse University's athletics teams go by this colorful nickname.Miscellaneous
The Academy Awards often go by this nickname.Movies
This music group has hits including Apologize and Counting Stars.Music
In Norse mythology, this god was the king of the ÆsirReligion
This element, with an atomic number of 8, is used in cellular respiration.Science
The Summer and Winter events of these games take place every 4 years.Sports
This NBC sitcom starring Steve Carell was a remake of a Ricky Gervais show.Television

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