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Can you name the words to complete the phrases that contain the word 'may'?

Quiz Updated May 11, 2017

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_____ showers bring May flowers
May ____ Holiday
A _____ may look at a king
Let the _____ fall where they may
To whom it may _____
May to _____ romance
May I be _____ from the table?
May the _____ be with you
As luck may _____ it
How may I _____ you?
You may ____ the bride
May the best _____ win
Playground game, _____ May I?
If I may _____ so myself
Sticks and _____ may break my bones
Be _____ as it may
May you live in interesting _____
Your mileage may _____
Come _____ may
May all your Christmases be _____
A fool may give a _____ man counsel

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