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Can you name the five-letter words in this April 1 themed ladder?

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★April 1 is often referred to as April _____s' Day★
Hammer, saw, screwdriver, e.g.
You don't have to ____ your own horn you know
Description of the gait of a horse
Allowance of waste after tare
★Infamous April 1 prank in 1957 by BBC show Panorama, the spaghetti ____★
Large variation of Chinook salmon or Native American chief
Informal for a toddler or small child
Taking puffs from a cigarette
★Practical or otherwise, this will be played often on April 1★
A shortened form of the name Jacob
Baked good served on a birthday
Structure used to confine animals
Offering of a valued object as a symbol of good faith
★Laugh promoting remarks or tricks★
Containers to carry groceries from the store
To earnestly or humbly plead for something
Units of power level measuring sound
★The Taco Liberty ____ renaming was a 1996 April 1 prank★
Exchange of goods or services for money
Foundation of a window
Fine sand or earth carried by bodies of water
Putting material through a sieve to remove lumps
Raise to a higher position; pick up
★Burger King advertised a new ____-handed Whopper in 1998★

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