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Game1st Introduction of Zombie Mode....
Game2nd Game of the series to have Zombie Mode.....
Map1st Map
Map4th Map
MapArcade Map
MapLocated In Washington
MapDirector's Map
MapIt is the Reflex of the Sun
CharacterHe was a Marine Raider
CharacterHe has too many Wives
CharacterHe Hears Voices
CharacterHe was in the Imperial Army
Useful ThingRandom Weapon Generator
WeaponsFirst weapon
WeaponsMost Powerful Light Machine Gun Weapon in the WWII-Era
WeaponsWeapon for Close Combats (Melee Weapon)
WeaponsMost Powerful Shotgun in the WWII-Era
WeaponsAnti-Personnel Mine Equipment (1000 P.)
WeaponsMost Powerful Light Machine Gun in the Cold War-Era (Packed its name is Oscillator)
Weapons2nd Most Powerful L.M.G. in the Cold War-Era (Packed its name is Resonator)
Wonder WeaponsMost Important W.W.
Wonder WeaponsSecret Nazi Technology (Note: it's a waffle)
Wonder WeaponsIt looks like a Cannon
Wonder WeaponsVery Rare on -number- (it depends on season)
Wonder WeaponsIt Can be Dual Wield
Wonder Weapons0 Damage with Effects to Zombies
Wonder WeaponsIt has a Scope
Zombie TypeGollum Look-Alike
Zombie TypeZombies Without Legs
Zombie TypeThey Steal Player's Perks
Zombie TypeThey are Cousins of Samantha's Pet
Zombie TypeHuman and Big...
Zombie TypeThey are so Slow and they Explode
Zombie TypeThey are like Question n.30
CharacterHe was a Former President
CharacterHe acts in the AMC, The Walking Dead
CharacterHe was the Secretary Of Defense
CharacterWas a Vampire Slayer
CharacterPresident Candidate (1960)
CharacterHe Loves Machetes
CharacterHe Kills people in Movies

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