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City home to the Red Sox 
Team that has played in two different California cities with acclaimed '____ in the Outfield' 
Current MLB Commissioner 
Pitching statistics based on points allowed per game 
Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Astros pitcher accused of steroid use 
The name for a baseball official 
When the baserunner reaches 3rd base 
When the ball is hit out of the park 
San Jose's MLS team 
Career Goals Against Average record holder; Kansas City Soccer Player 
Houston's MLS team 
Home to the Galaxy 
Montreal's MLS team 
Home to the Red Bulls 
Conference with Chicago Fire and DC United 
Home of the New Orleans Saints 
Number 19 Colts legendary Quarterback 
NFC South team with players like Cam Newton, Steve Smith, and Luke Kuechly 
Divisions with Patriots, Cowboys, Eagles, and Jets 
Current NFL Commissioner 
AFC North team in Ohio with legendary Running Back Jim Brown 
Tackles, centers, and guards, are all types of this 
Number 34 Bears legendary Running Back 
Tradition for Green Bay Packers to jump into stands after scoring a touchdown 
Number 87 Penguins Current Player and all-time great 
Any illegal act to make an opponent tumble 
Division with Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs 
Stadium home to the Columbus Blue Jackets 
Tampa Bay's NHL team 
City home to the Oilers 
Detroit Red Wings Hall of Fame center and 9-time all star 
Team located in Houston 
Passing to a player before they make a shot; Chris Paul is known for these 
Conference with Warriors, Kings, and Suns 
Minnesotas basketballers 
City with the Thunder 
Grabbing the ball after a missed shot 
Team located in San Antonio 
Home to the Chesapeake Bayhawks 
What the ML is in MLB and MLS 
What some people consider sports; a sporcle category 
A sport that contains elements of soccer and football with tackling 
A state with no Big 4 sports teams and capital of Des Moines 
City where the Pro Football Hall of Fame is found 
Golfer with a drink named after him 
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