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Rock Bands
Refugee, Don't Do Me Like That, Free Fallin, American Girl 
Only Wanna Be With You, Let Her Cry, Hold My Hand, I Go Blind 
Danger on the Track, Rock the Night, The Final Countdown, Carrie 
Beverly Hills, Pork and Beans, Island in the Sun, Buddy Holly 
Barracuda, Crazy on You, Magic Man, Heartless 
Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall, Don't Look Back in Anger, Live Forever 
Blue creature from X-Men; Henry 'Hank' McCoy 
DC King of Atlantis; Arthur Curry 
Norse God of Thunder and Avenger; (name) 
Green leader of the Justice League; J'onn J'onzz 
Size shifting Avenger; Hank Pym 
Another blue X-man; Kurt Wagner 
US States
Capital: Montgomery 
Capital: Baton Rouge 
Capital: Phoenix 
Capital: Columbia 
Capital: Frankfort 
Capital: Little Rock 
Big 4 Sports Teams
Los Angeles Baseballers 
Philadelphia Footballers 
Minnesota Footballers 
New York Hockey Players 
Los Angeles Basketballers 
San Antonio Basketballers 
Top 100 Populous US Cities
2nd Largest City and Capital of Tennessee 
6th Largest City of Texas 
Largest City of Kansas 
Largest City and Capital of Georgia 
2nd Largest City and Capital of North Carolina 
Largest City of Missouri 
Popular US Brands
Product: Gum Slogan: For a Good Clean Feeling No Matter What 
Product: Energy Drink Slogan: [brand] Gives You Wings 
Product Electronics Slogan: Think Different 
Product: Soda Slogan: Enjoy [brand] 
Product: Shampoo Slogan: Because You're Worth It 
Product: Auctions Slogan: Come To Think Of It... [brand] 
Hidden Answer
From US Cities 
From Brands 
From Rock Bands 
From Superheroes 
From US States 
From Sports Teams 
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