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Capital: Bucharest 
Capital: Kiev 
Capital: Bern 
Capital: Mogadishu 
Capital: Jakarta 
Capital: Baku 
Lord Of The Rings
Mines run by dwarves 
______ to rule them all 
Land ruled by Theoden 
Steward of Gondor 
Old Capital of Gondor 
Brown Wizard 
#87 The Sea Lion Pokemon (Gen 1) 
#224 The Jet Pokemon (Gen 2) 
#477 The Gripper Pokemon (Gen 4) 
#524 The Mantle Pokemon (Gen 5) 
#314 The Firefly Pokemon (Gen 3) 
#139 The Spiral Pokemon (Gen 1) 
A Popular Fruit 
The July Birthstone 
The City Where Pokemon Trainers Face Misty 
The Color of Many Eyes or A Type of Nut 
A Dye Harvested in Plantations 
Starts off Yellow but as it ages Turns White and Grants Wishes 
Lights Up the Sign For a Pizza Place 
Cod, Milk, and Shrimp are Good Sources of _____ 
Used to Sanitize Pools 
Keep Away from Superman 
Named after German Genius Albert 
The First of the Lanthanide Series 
PBS Arthur 
African, Snow, or Gecko 
Phineas and Ferb's pet 
See ya later ______ 
Jane Goodall worked with this type of Animal 
Eats Ants 
Hidden Answer
Country hidden in 'Countries' 
Animal hidden in 'Animals' 
Element hidden in 'Elements' 
Pokemon hidden in 'Pokemon' 
Color hidden in 'Colors' 
Fictional Place hidden in 'Lord of the Rings' 
Ultimate Answer

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