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Column 1
Limits a room 
Foot___ Basket____ or Base_____ 
Unit of hay 
Liquid from the liver 
Clinton or Nye 
To murder or end 
K in NATO alphabet 
Scottish skirt 
River residue 
Alcoholic beverage like ale 
Column 2
A tiny shop 
Mother of Jesus Christ 
Careful or watchful 
Sector as in a prison 
Pig fat 
Like and earl or duke 
Tale or legend 
The center of an apple 
Closes a bottle of whiskey 
Column 3
A meat that comes from pigs 
Where kids play on playgrounds 
A section of 
Where to dock a boat 
A pole or sign 
A good percentage of 
Area of land commonly used in hunting 
Entryway to a house or room 
Not rich 
Another name for billiards 
Column 4
Action involving dice 
To irritate; homophone of a Kansas City Baseballer 
To cook with hot water 
____ Weevil 
i.e. Raggedy Ann 
Not the sharpest tool in the shed 
A young horse 
An extreme religious group 
Alternate Spelling of Cobain and Vonnegut's first name 
Transports shopping items 
Column 5
Team of actors in a movie 
Fancy container of flowers 
Opposite of acid 
Antagonist of 'Dark Knight Rises' 
Subdivision of a road 
A segment connecting two points 
To organize important documents 
Add more and more until the top is reached 
Another term for autumn 

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