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Character/sMissing Word/sQuote
 I've been _____!
 I ate my ____ twin in the womb
 That song's my jam. My ___________
 Aca-scuse me! Aca-____________
 I'm gonna finish him like a __________
 He's a __________
 That oath was serious? _____________ Serious
 I _________ to feel joy
 You call yourself... Fat Amy? Yeh, so _______________ like you don't do it behind my back
 I don't just sing. I do modern dance, olden dance and _________ dancing
 We know exactly where it is! It's all over the _____ row!
 There's nothing that makes a woman feel more like a girl than a _____ who sings like a boy
 The _______ has been unleashed!
 What!? You have _________ and Rocky
 You're an aca-girl, i'm an aca-boy, we'll have aca-children together. It's ________
Character/sMissing Word/sQuote
 This is really hard for me to tell you guys. ____________
 You girls are horrible. I hate you. Kill yourselves. Girl power. __________________
 I sometimes have a feeling i could do _____________, but then i think..... Mmmm...... Better Not
 I'm gonna pitch slap you so hard, your man boobs are gonna ____________
 I have a confession, I have a lot of ____
 Who do you think it would be easier to sleep with, ___________________
 Women are about as good at acapella as they are at being ____________
 ________! That's not a real word. Keep trying. You. Will. Get. There.
 This ginger needs her _______ juice!
 Leave it. It fuels my _________
 Whenever you're ready ____. Hi my name's Cynthia Rose. Hunh. Not a ____! It's not a ____
 Well, at least it's not ____. Or do you have that aswell.
 The negative side effects of _________________, ladies and gentlemen
 I've wrestled _____________ simultaneously
 Chloe, could you please get your ______________. It's not a hat

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