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Gunmen argue with a hare; meanwhile, birds defend themselves from cats and dogs.
A fat man, his family, and a talking dog make lots of pop culture references.
Two groundskeepers deal with unexplainable phenomena and their typically upset boss on a weekly basis.
A travelling specimen collector has adventures with his behatted cat and automated vacuum cleaner.
A famous associate gets his four friends to live in a giant letter.
We have a scientist, a millionaire, and a guy who just sleeps all day, but the most optimistic one here is the guy flipping burgers.
A half-human boy learns about the power of magical rocks, especially the one in his navel.
A behatted boy is bullied and misunderstood and finds solace in goldfish.
A fat man, his family, and a regular dog make lots of pop culture references.
A behatted boy and his surrogate brother have quests with more princesses than a Disney reunion.
A boy with false eyes notices something is wrong with his dog; meanwhile two siblings have to deal with an intimidating teacher and a busy father.
Six vegetarian nudists learn about mutual bonds and sorcercy.
A behatted boy whose name is yet to be revealed fights golden triangles and psychics using his uncompleted trilogy.

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