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Can you name the Parishes of Cumberland County (Sydney Australia) by Current LGA?

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Baulkham Hills Shire
The castilations are on the rise 
A cob instead of a cam for this winter flowering plant (minus one L) 
Pa's wife found that these subterranian legs held up trees (+A) 
Trafalgar was his Waterloo 
Camden Council
Visited Australia in 1770 
Ellan isn't as good as Oprah. Nar, thats not how you spell it! 
Killed the Dragon 
City of Bankstown
A great place to store your money 
City of Blacktown
A Knight captain from Newcastle would feel at home here 
Try as you might, doubt you'll find gold here 
City of Botany Bay
Where you are bound for after the Old Bailee 
City of Campbelltown
A good place to get art supplies 
These old boys could be described as acute or obtuse 
He was known as a rock 
City of Canada Bay
Can't drive through here at Mach 2 
City of Fairfield
A large island above the top end 
A doctor who could write biographies 
City of Hawkesbury
Not kosher... nor rare 
It's not the bottom of the barrel 
Watch out for the saintly former tax man 
City of Liverpool
Taxi ram raid at The Auditorium 
Burrow of merit 
There is no 't' in this suburban sledge 
City of Parramatta
There are no Spirit and Opportunity rovers in this field 
Slightly better place than Patmos to hang out 
City of Penrith
Ignore this red herring... you bring Elly 
Castilated sunshine 
A French mountain follows Clare... how does that work? 
A capitol cattle farm 
Illicit substance (coll.) in an Indian resort town 
A very cheeky name for a big rise 
City of Ryde
The wildlife shooter is loitering on that small mountain 
City of Sydney
Stand Rew, it is your turn to answer 
Saint Station 
This saint is not from Arabia 
This saint would be popular at the service staion 
City of Wollongong
A male bovine being sent 
North is the start... at least it were be if there were not 2 lies in the statement 
Hornsby Shire
A stinging insect using an oar? Ra! 
Bulls wife gives milk _ _ d cookies 
Mary's prince 
This place was twice the 'marra it is now 
North of the mount 
South of the mount 
Ku-ring-gai Council
Municipality of Leichhardt
The Rocks scam 
Municipality of Mosman
A cricket bat wood and a stinging insect met here one day 
Municipality of Woollahra
Ria married Alex 
Pittwater Council
The Beach Boys like this place 
Strathfield Municipality
Free aeroplanes 
Sutherland Shire
Ledger's jacket 
What a very large back tooth you have! 
Warringah Council
Wrecked cove 
Real men hang about in this bay 
Wollondilly Shire
Don't sit on one of these 
After matrimony, der wood did this in the fire 

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