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Can you name the RBI League leaders that had 1000+ career RBI's the year they led the league?

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Year/TotalPlayerCareer Total
2016 AL-127 (BOS)1768
1891 NL-120 (CHC)1554
1938 AL-175 (BOS)1520
2007 AL-156 (NYY)1503
1915 AL-112 (DET)1471
1956 NL-109 (STL)1470
1934 AL-166 (NYY)1450
1966 NL-127 (ATL)1432
1986 NL-119 (PHI)1392
1971 AL-119 (MIN)1380
1914 AL-104 (DET)1359
1948 AL-155 (NYY)1277
1999 NL-147 (STL)1277
2001 NL-160 (CHC)1239
2010 NL-118 (STL)1230
1909 NL-100 (PIT)1214
1888 NL-84 (CHC)1210
1946 AL-127 (DET)1200
1923 AL-130 (CLE)1188
1895 NL-165 (PHI)1184
Year/TotalPlayerCareer Total
1984 NL-106 (PHI)1180
1982 NL-109 (MON)1163
1918 NL-76 (CIN)1155
1969 AL-140 (MIN)1148
1899 NL-137 (PHI)1135
1966 AL-122 (BAL)1131
2012 AL-139 (DET)1123
1963 NL-130 (MLN)1121
1908 NL-109 (PIT)1114
1926 AL-153 (NYY)1097
1997 NL-140 (COL)1051
1892 NL-124 (BRO)1048
1949 AL-159 (BOS)1038
1886 NL-147 (CHC)1024
1894 NL-147 (PHI)1019
1965 AL-108 (CLE)1013
2004 NL-131 (COL)1012
1973 NL-119 (PIT)1011
1904 NL-80 (NYG)1006
1940 AL-150 (DET)1001

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