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In which year did the F-22 Raptor first fly?
What was the date ( of the first flight of the F-22 Raptor
How many pilots fly the F-22 Raptor?
How many engines does the F-22 Raptor have?
Primarily, what type of fighter is the F-22 Raptor?
Into what class of manoeuvrability does the F-22 Raptor fall?
Give 3 more main, further abilities of the F-22 Raptor in alphabetical order
In order of amount of input, which aeronautical companies are responsible for the production of the F-22?
When did the F-22 officially enter military service?, (
The ongoing development of which other military aircraft caused the production of the F-22 to stop?
What is the total number of F-22 Raptors made?
What is the total number of F-22 Raptors made for operational military service (not testing purposes)?
When was the last F-22 Raptor made? (
What was the total cost of the F-22 Programme in U.S Dollars?
What was the total cost per unit of the F-22 Raptor in US Dollars?
Which Generation of aircraft does the F-22? belong?
From which aircraft was the F-22 Raptor developed?
How much thrust does each engine produce?
What is the crafts wingspan in metres?
What is the length of the craft in metres?
What is the height of the craft in metres?
What is the weight of the craft, lbs or kgs?
What is the maximum take off weight of the Raptor? kg or lbs
What is the external (wing) fuel capacity of the F-22 in lbs or kg?

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