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What is the Primary function of the B-52 Stratofortress?
What class of flight range does the Stratofortress have?
Does the Stratofortress operate sub-sonically or sonically? or
What is the maximum operational altitude/ceiling of the Stratofortress in feet?
What percentage of all weapons dropped by coalition forces during operation Desert Storm came from B-52 Stratofortress aircraft?
What is the approximate range of the Stratofortress?
How many engines power the Stratofortress?
What type of engines power the B-52?
What make are the engines of the B-52?
How many pounds of force does each engine produce?
What is the equivalent force per engine?
Which company is the contractor of the B-52
What is the wing span of the B-52? Feet or Metres
What is the length of the craft in metres?
What is height of the B-52 bomber? metres
What is the gross wing area of the B-52? (square metres)
What is the aspect ratio of the B-52 bomber?
How many crew operate the B-52?
What are the 5 different Roles of the crew of the B-52?(1)
Role (2)
Role (3)
Role (4)
Role (5)
When was the first flight of the B-52? (
When was the B-52 entered into service? (mm.yyyy)
How many B-52s are in active service as of 2012?
How many reserve B-52s are there?
In which year did the production of the B-52 cease?
How many B-52 had been built before production ceased?
Who are the 2 primary users of the B-52?
What aircraft was the B-52 built to replace?
Which tubrofan engines replaced the original B-52 engines in the B-52H aircraft?
What mass of weapons can the B-52 Stratofortress carry?
What was the recorded cost of the last B-52B bombers to be made? (U.S Dollars)
Which variant of the B-52 was fitted with modifications to hold extra heavy bombs?
How many of the specially modified B-52 variants we're fitted with this heavy bomb modification?
What was the mass of these extra heavy bombs?
As part of which assault project in the Vietnam war were these B-52 heavier payload variants made for?
When did this assault operation take place? (mm.yyyy)
List the 12 variants of the B-52 Stratofortress (1)
Approximately how many square miles of ocean surface can 2 B-52 bombers monitor in 2 hours?
Approximately how many square miles can be destroyed by the payload of 6 B-52s flying at 30000ft?
What is the maximum speed of the B-52 Stratofortress?
What is the thrust to weight ratio of the B-52?
What is the estimated Zero-lift Drag Co-efficient of the B-52?
What is the fuel capacity of the B-52 in litres?
What is the empty weight of the craft in kg/lbs?
What is the loaded weight of the B-52? Kg/lbs
Which variant of B-52 went under modification to increase internal bomb carrying capacity?
What name was given to the modification?
How many internal bombs could the B-52D carry?
After the modification how many bombs of the 2 main sizes (500 and 750 pound), could the B-52D carry?
Which Aircraft is used mainly for the in-flight refuelling of B-52 craft?
Where are B-52s periodically refurbished?
Give an example of one of these refurbishing locations

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