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Can you name the Bobby Labonte first-win line up?

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118 Interstate Batteries
25 Kelloggs
330 Pennzoil
44 Kodak Films
510 Tide
63 GM Goodwrench
726 Quaker State
89 Spam
943 STP
1041 Kodiak
1121 Citgo
1290 Heilig-Meyers
1329 Meineke
141 Skoal Classic
1516 The Family Channel
1615 Ford Quality Care
1737 Kmart/Little Caesars
1817 Western Auto
1912 Straight Arrow
2087 Burger King
2132 Fina/ Lance
2298 RCA
2322 MBNA
2433 Skoal Bandit
2527 Hooters
267 Exide Batteries
2723 Smokin' Joes
286 Valvoline
2942 Coors Light
3025 Budweiser
3181 Tic Financial
3228 Texaco/ Halvoline
3324 Dupont
342 Miller Genuine Draft
3511 Lowes
3619 HealthSource
3771 Olive Garden
3875 Factory Stores of America
3994 McDonalds
408 Raybestos Brakes
4131 Hardees
4297 Harris Teeter

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