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Can you name the Pierce the Veil Songs from Collide with the Sky?

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Forced Order
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If you wanted to set me free/Why the **** wouldn't you say something?/I was just over seventeen/Made of poison, cave in free
Don't you say that had a part of it/I guess we'll never know/Oh would you say that had a part of it/Well I guess we'll never know
Dare me to jump off this Jersey bridge/I'll bet you never had a Friday night like this/Keep it up, keep it up, let's raise our hands
I changed your mind/And ended up here/Through stained glass eyes/And colorful tears
Where you from fool?! /This world is about to change/1, 2 ... /1, 2, 3, 4
I cannot spend another night in this home/I close my eyes and take a breath real slow/The consequences if I leave 'em alone/But what’s the difference when you beg for love?
She sits up high, surrounded by the sun/One million branches and she loves everyone/'Mom and dad, did you search for me?/I've been up here so long I'm going crazy'
Self-medicate/While they sleep, we let the night chase/Evil things away/And we're like animals homesick from shows/We've got to kill everything before the night gets wasted
I can't wait to see your brilliant face/Light up the room around the pillowcase/She said, 'Can you come over to my L.A. place?/I've got something to tell you and it just can't wait
Choke, tried to wash you down with something strong/Tried, but the taste of blood remains/Cold, empty mattresses and falling stars/My, how they start to look the same
I kissed the scars on her skin/I still think you're beautiful/And I don't ever want to lose my best friend/I screamed out 'God, you vulture, Bring her back or take me with her'
Do you know/I count your heartbeats before you sleep/I bite my fingernails to bone/And then I crawl back under the stairwell to a place I call my home.

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