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Who said the following quotes, Twilight Sparkle or Rarity?

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Forced Order
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Once again you've read my mind, Spike. And that is why you are my number one assistant.
She's been horrible to my friends, she's obviously done something to her bridesmaids, and if that wasn't enough, I saw her put a spell on my brother that made his eyes go all...!
Are you kidding? This place is perfect!
I'll destroy her!
Am I sweating? Oh! I think I'm sweating!
Why, you've become an Alicorn. I didn't even know that was possible.
Y'know, with a little work, I think I could make him look like a rabbit instead.
Hi, girls!
I love being covered in mud!
Sorry, Romeo. As attractive and enticing as you look, it's just for practice, and it's gotta go.

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