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Forced Order
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What four things scare Bubba J?
What did Walter refer marriage to?
What city did Peanut mispronounce?
How long were the guys trapped in the snow during their first ski trip?
According to Melvin, what does her wife do once a month?
What winter holiday did Walter make up for only white people?
Where is José's green card?
What is Bubba J's favorite beer?
What kind of food did Peanut phone order?
Who did Walter think was half Irish, half African-American?
QuestionAnswerTV Special
What war was Walter a veteran from?
What was the name of Achmed's car?
What did Achmed learn about Asian women in Cosmo?
Is José a fan of Batman and Robin?
What did Bubba J mix ink with for his letter to Santa?
How did Achmed die?
What is Achmed's favorite Christmas carol?
Which president's tribute did Achmed say the Washington Monument looked like?
Why was José sent to Taco Bell?
What superhero was Peanut dressed up as?

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