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Forced Order
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Before Grunkle Stan's mind was erased, who was he disguised as?
How many times have Dipper and Mabel left Gravity Falls?
What was the name of Gideon's tent?
Out of the three journals, which one did Gideon possess?
Who had the ability to enter people's minds?
Out of the three journals, which one did Grunkle Stan possess?
What was the name of the supernatural event that caused Bill Cipher's friends to take over Gravity Falls?
In what state was Gravity Falls located?
How old were Dipper and Mabel for the majority of the show?
How many disposable cameras did Dipper bring along for the Monster Hunt?
There were numerous secret messages in the whole Gravity Falls TV show. How do you decode them?
What relation was the author of the journals to Grunkle Stan?
What was Grunkle Stan's real first name?
What animal was Mabel's pet, Waddles?
What was Wendy's favorite color?
How many journals were written?
What did Grunkle Stan want his brother to do ever since he brought him back into Gravity Falls?
What was Dipper's final task of becoming a man?
What were Bill Cipher's last words?
Out of the three journals, which one did Dipper possess?

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