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Can you name the actor/actress in their career defining film roles?

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1990Julia Roberts
1978Jamie Lee Curtis
2005Steve Carrell
1999Jude Law
1984Moly Ringwald
1996Will Smith
1979Steve Martin
2001Reese Witherspoon
1991Anthony Hopkins
1989John Cusak
1995Mel Gibson
1999Keanu Reeves
1965Julie Andrews
1977John Travolta
1939Shirley Temple
1978Alan Alda
1977Woody Allen
1968Alan Arkin
1984Kevin Bacon
1982Drew Barrymore
1990Kathy Bates
1967Warren Beatty
2001Halle Berry
2004Cate Blanchett
1942Humphrey Bogart
1972Marlon Brando
1971Jeff Bridges
1994Sandra Bullock
1995Nicholas Cage
1994Jim Carrey
1998George Clooney
2008Brad Pitt
2001Jennifer Connelly
1962Sean Connery
1990Kevin Costner
2000Russell Crowe
1986Tom Cruise
2002Matt Damon
1992Daniel Day-Lewis
1955James Dean
1976Robert De Niro
1994Johnny Depp
1998Cameron Diaz
1997Leonardo DiCaprio
1992Robert Downey Jr.
1971Clint Eastwood
1981Harrison Ford
1985Michael J. Fox
1989Morgan Freeman
1939Clark Gable
1987Danny Glover
1990Whoopi Goldberg
1971Gene Hackman
1994Tom Hanks
1983Ed Harris
1959Charlton Heston
1967Dustin Hoffman
1994Samuel L. Jackson
1993Tommy Lee Jones
2001Nicole Kidman

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