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Forced Order
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You wear them on your feet.AL east and central
An orange bird that is the state bird of Maryland (wink wink)AL east
People that live in Philadelphia. (double wink wink)NL east
It's the color of a firetruck.NL central
They're a fish that sting you sometimes.AL east
They are like kings and queens.AL central
People that are born on the same day.AL central
People that make beer.NL central
They are very good at sports.AL west
They are a red bird and they are the state bird of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.NL central
They have black stripes on their orange body.AL central
Snakes with diamonds on their backs.NL west
They are from all over the country.NL east
They are a blue bird and they are not a state bird.AL east
They died and went to heaven.AL west
People from New York. (wink wink again)NL east
People that float away on giant boats in search of golden treasure.NL central
Pertaining to the stars.NL central
Tall mountains in the western part of America.NL west
Baby bears.NL central
They have a lot of courage.NL east
People that live in teepees or longhouses that perform certain rituals and dances.AL central
A Native inhabitant of the United States.AL east
A fish with a long sword like mouth.NL east
They are really good at dodgeball.NL west
Someone who directs or navigates a boat or ship.AL west
It means father in Spanish.NL west
People that guard a certain park or region.AL west
They are huge and could stomp all over you.NL west

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