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What sport used the term 'home run' long before baseball?
Who was the first golfer to make $1 million on the PGA tour?
For what award is the 'Maurice Podoloff' trophy given?
What 1995 World Series teams were both picketed by the American Indian Movement?
What position must a college football player play to receive the Davey O'Brien award?
What baseball player has the most career runs?
Who was the only woman to receive the Sporting News Man of the Year award in 1988?
How old was George Foreman when he became the oldest boxer to hold the heavyweight title?
Who is the NBA's all time leader in 3-point shots?
What year did the first Tour de France take place?
Who holds the NFL record for most consecutive seasons played?
Which NFL player has played in the second most games (excluding kickers and punters)?
What University won the first National Championship sanctioned by the BCS?
With 105 wins and 3 Championships, who is second place on Nascar's all-time win list?
What Native American language was Super Bowl XXX the first to be broadcast in?

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