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Can you name the Fables characters?

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Former Sheriff 
Former Deupty Mayor 
Former Mayor 
Current Deputy Mayor 
Current Sheriff 
Current Mayor 
Looks like a little boy 
Needs a kiss to break her curse 
Shoe salesman and super spy 
Routinely gouges out his own eyes 
Fabletown's resident doctor 
Faithful doorman to the Woodland Building 
Security guard at the Woodland Building 
Goblin butler 
Ever-knitting witch 
Flying monkey 
Manager of the Farm 
Ex-boyfriend of the above 
Former office clerk, war hero 
Former manager of the Farm 
Former janitor, current Prince 
In love with the above 
Former Sheriff's father 
Prince of the Arabian Fables 
Arabian Fables' spy 
The Wolf cubs (name one) 
Conquerer of the Homelands 
Above also referred to as... 
Led the revolution at the Farm 
Richest Fable, mass murderer 
Former Deputy Mayor 
Powerful sorceress, impersonated a familiar Fable 
Winter sorceress 
Wooden spies in Fabletown 
Witch hunter 
Main villain's army 
The Boogeyman 

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