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AFormerly known as Nuklon
BHome to Wally West and Stargirl
CDevice the Flash uses to time travel
DAlan Scott's original sidekick
ENickname of Chang Tzu
FHal Jordan's place of employment
GPrince Brion of Markovia
HCyborg Superman's real name
ILanguage spoken in the 30th century
JThe 'Son of Saturn'
KThe Witch Boy
LSuperman's mermaid friend
MHelmet-wearing member of the Doom Patrol
NHome of Deadman's god, Rama Kushna
OBatman's Earth-3 counterpart
PKryptonian prison dimension
QAquaman's enemy from the 5th dimension
RHis name means 'The Demon's Head'
SOsiris's crocodile friend in 52
TParadise Island
UGenius in the body of an albino gorilla
VBurial place for deceased DC superheroes
WPlastic Man's partner
XPlanet destroyed by John Stewart
YMartian Manhunter's alien pet
ZFlash villain Hunter Zolomon

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