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QUIZ: Can you name the members of the Justice League (all time)?

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Original team
Man of Steel 
The Dark Knight 
Princess Diana 
The Fastest Man Alive 
The Man Without Fear 
King of the Seas 
J'onn J'onzz 
1960s recruits
The Emerald Archer 
The Blonde Bombshell 
The Mighty Mite 
Thanagarian cop 
1970s recruits
Mysterious and unknown 
Gingold drinker 
Whirlwind android 
Female Thanagarian 
Magic in fishnets 
The Nuclear Man 
Justice League Detroit
Hank Heywood 
Uses the Animal Totem 
Paco Ramone 
Invisible and barefoot 
Justice League International
Dan Garrett's successor 
The previous guy's partner in crime 
Billy Batson 
Uses the Helmet of Nabu 
Owns a bar called Warrior's 
Master escape artist 
Shares her name with a supervillain 
Did not become 'Monarch' in Armageddon 
Russian Iron Man 
She's hot... 
...And she's cold 
Older version of an earlier answer 
Helena Bertinelli 
A friendly New God 
A not-so-friendly New God 
Captain America parody 
Not the Warner Bros character 
Was impersonated by J'onn J'onzz for a time 
Queen of Almerac 
Son of Happy Terrill 
Member of the Freedom Fighters 
Benjamin Lockwood 
Predecessor to a founding Justice Leaguer 
Justice League Europe
Buddy Baker 
The third person to use his codename 
The Element Man 
Earth-2 Kryptonian 
Set of identical twins 
Can shrink to 7 inches tall 
Shares a name with pre-Colombian America 
Magician, similar to Scarlet Witch 
Justice League Antarctica
Later joined Justice League Elite 
Dog-like alien 
Gets a new power every time he dies 
Super strong, not very smart 
Former game show host 
William Tockman 
He's Mighty. His name is Bruce. 
Herald of Mr. Nebula 
1990s recruits (Justice League America and Justice League Task Force)
History as founder of the JLA erased in Zero Hour 
Al Pratt's godson 
Son of Alan Scott 
Will Everett III 
Daniel Cassidy 
Not to be confused with Tora Olafsdotter 
Robot in the body of an alien 
Wonder Twins 
Another member of the Corps 
Android created by Morrow and Ivo 
Champion of Quetzalcoatl 
Ollie's son 
Superhero in a wheelchair 
Eel O'Brien 
Shares the name of another, very different Leaguer 
Fallen angel 
Diana's mother 
Intimidating wife of a New God 
Android from the 853rd century 
Featured in JLA: Superpower 
Currently Liberty Belle 
JLA - The Obsidan Age
Bruce Wayne's faithful ward 
Has a 'confidence aura' 
Speaks in rhyme 
Yet another member of the Corps 
Former Junior Senator 
Introduced and died in 52 
One of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers 
Irwin Schwab 
One Year Later
Originally turned down JLA membership 
Brother of Teen Titan Terra 
Ollie's former sidekick 
Cry For Justice/Upcoming Justice League
Formerly had a 'Jr.' at the end of his name 
Kal-El's cousin 
Formerly Wonder Girl 
Recent Phantom Zone escapee 
A 100-year-old hunter in a gorilla's body 
Princess Koriand'r 
Half-man, half-machine 
Metropolis cop 
Honorary members
Appeared in JLA Giant Size Special # 3 
Former JLA mascot 
Turbaned magician 
Made his own 'hawk' costume 
Star of Mystery In Space 
Boston Brand 
...bring me a dream... 
Ralph's wife 
Hero of Rann 
Jack Ryder 
Killed and replaced by Prometheus 
Mitch Shelley 
Daughter of Alan Scott 
Former villain, recruited in Final Crisis 
Mascot's dad 
Killed by Diana 
Height-challenged New God 
The last Corps member, I swear 
J'onn's pet Pterodactyl 

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