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A - In which city would you visit the Taj Mahal?
B - What name is given to an open-air night-time entertainment for soldiers?
C - Which unit of measurement is equivalent to one tenth of a sea mile?
D - Which section of equestrianism is concerned with obedience?
E - Who acquired the nickname of the First Lady of Jazz?
F - What name is given to a workshop for casting metal?
G - Which island is the most southerly of the Windward Islands?
H - Which of Shakespeare's plays was set in Agincourt?
I - What was the name of the Red Indian tribe led by Hiawatha?
J - Which African city was founded in 1886?
K - What name is given to the centre of a nut?
L - Which five-letter word is the name given to a doctor's deputy?
M - What name is given to volcanic molten rock
N - What name is given to a cloud that is produced by a cluster of stars?
O - Which drug is obtained from the poppy?
P - What is the collective name given to the colours of red, yellow and blue?
Q - What is the smallest member of the partridge family?
R - Which famous novel was based on the life of Alexander Selkirk?
S - Who became the Men's Wimbledon Singles Champion in 1990?
T - What is the name of the principal male hormone in the human body?
U - What is the name of the range of mountains located in Central Asia?
V - Who composed The Four Seasons?
W - What is the largest member of the weasel family?
X - What word describes an object shaped like a sword?
Y - What is the official name for the Tower of London guards? (Full Name - 4 words)
Z - What is the four-letter name of a humped Indian ox?

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