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QUIZ: Can you name the songs by the line which uses the title?

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Forced Order
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__________, hide your face so the world will never find you.The Phantom of the Opera
But as I gazed into the vastness of time, I heard __________.Chameleon Circuit
I guess its better if I stay in, but tell me __________?Tangled
So try your best now, baby, try your best to break me, __________.Kate Voegele
__________, I have to keep you by my side.Chameleon Circuit
Have you ever thrown a fistful of __________?P!nk
I tried so hard and got so far, __________ it doesn't even matter.Linkin Park
You only hear the music when your heart begins to break; we are __________.My Chemical Romance
Your lies have come undone; now I'm living on the run, looking out for __________.Skye Sweetnam
'__________' I cried, 'I fell for your wicked disguise.'Voltaire

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