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HintBreedExtra Info
C_l_c_Name refers to the colour pattern
M_k_n_ B_b_a_lFrom Russia
_n_w_h_eCoats are unique to the individual cat
E_y_t_a_ M_uFastest of the domestic cats
A_e_i_a_ W_r_h_i_rHas wiry fur
T_n_i_e_eTalkative and friendly
S_b_r_a_National cat of Russia
T_r_i_h _a_The Swimming Cat
_i_i_-b_bKeep growing for 4 years
J_p_n_s_ B_b_a_lVery short tail
_i_h_a_d_rFrom the US not Scotland
R_s_i_n _l_eTimid around strangers
A_s_r_l_a_ M_s_Developed by Dr Truda Straede
_i_a_a_a_/C_l_u_p_i_t _e_s_a_Very furry
_s_a_ S_m_-_o_g_a_rOddly from Great Britain
T_a_From Thailand
_a_n_ C_o_Big friendly giant
S_m_l_Bushy Tailed
_y_r_s _p_r_d_t_Lean and Muscular
S_l_i_k _e_Highly curly fur
U_r_i_i_n _e_k_yFolding ears and hardly any hair
H_v_n_ B_o_nBrown coat and whiskers
S_r_n_e_i _a_Created in 1994
_o_o_r_o_n_ S_o_t_a_rHighly intelligent and friendly
_h_r_r_u_Large, Muscular and Fast
_o_a_From Thailand
E_o_i_ S_o_t_a_rLarge round head
S_k_k_From Kenya
HintBreedExtra Info
A_e_i_a_ L_n_h_i_One of the oldest natural breeds in North America
_h_n_i_l_/T_f_a_yNearly extinct at one point
S_v_n_a_A bit like dogs in temperament
D_m_s_i_ S_o_t_a_rA cat of mixed ancestry
B_r_a_The Sacred Cat of Burma
B_n_a_Looks like it's from the wild
_u_s_a_ B_a_k, _h_t_ or _a_b_Oddly from Australia
B_r_i_l_Originated in 1981 in Britain
_r_e_t_l _o_g_a_rVery active
_i_s_i_Short and Hairless
N_p_l_o_A Breed of Dwarf cat
_a_a_e_eA good show cat
_m_r_c_n _u_lUnusual ears
N_r_e_i_n _o_e_t _a_Has a wooly undercoat
U_s_r_Ringed tail with a dark tip
_e_m_n _e_Quick to bond with it's owner
_r_g_n _iFrom China
A_e_i_a_ P_l_d_c_y_More toes than the average cat
_a_a_u_f_nThick, rabbitlike fur
A_e_i_a_ S_o_t_h_i_8th most popular breed in US in 2011
M_n_No tail
_a_b_n_Short-legged and hairless
O_i_n_a_ S_o_t_i_rTriangualr Head
_i_g_p_r_One of the smallest breeds of cat
O_o_ A_u_e_Relatively new breed
_r_e_t_l _i_o_u_Large ears
A_e_i_a_ B_b_a_lFirst appeared in 1960's
_o_g_rLook like tigers
_h_u_i_Comes from France
C_l_f_r_i_ S_a_g_e_ C_tlooks like a leopard
HintBreedExtra Info
B_a_i_i_n _h_r_h_i_First cat to be bred from it's country
A_y_s_i_i_nFrom Ethiopia
Y_r_ C_o_o_a_e _a_From New York State
_a_e_mCurly fur
_a_d_l_Large and muscular with a soft, silky coat
O_i_a_Spotted coat
O_e_o_ R_xsilky, short, curly coat
S_o_t_s_ F_l_Folded ears
_r_b_a_ M_uFrom the Middle East
_u_o_e_n _h_r_h_i_From Sweden
_e_e_n _a_From the Sea
_o_n_s_ R_xFrom Cornwall, UK
C_e_t_hLook Wild and Fierce
_s_a_Also known as Malayan
_r_t_s_ S_o_t_a_rMost popular breed in UK
D_v_n _e_Can be taught to perform tricks
_y_r_cCan have spinal problems
M_n_h_i_Short legged
_a_i_e_eVery intelligent
B_i_i_h _o_g_a_rCan be prone to obesity
_o_s_o_/D_n _p_y_xHairless
_e_s_a_Round faced cat from Iran
P_t_r_a_dHairless with a stocky build
K_r_l_a_ B_b_a_lExcellent hunter with short tail
_u_k_s_ A_g_r_Very old breed
S_a_e_eOne of the most popualr and distinctive breeds
N_b_l_n_Very Rare
_u_m_s_Very Vocal

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