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Can you name the home worlds of these alien races in the Doctor Who universe?

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Forced Order
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Home World of the daleks, also shared by the Thals
The lost breeding world of the adipose
A planet inhabited by the human race 5 billion years in the future
This planet exists in the Scorpion Nebula, it's ecology was turned to sand after an attack from an alien swarm
Home World of the time lords
This planet housed a 7 day war between the hath and humans
A planet containing every book from the history of time
This planet was in orbit around a black hole and housed a human sanctuary base
Home world of criminal alien families such as the Slitheen and Blathereen
A level 5 planet often invaded by alien races and was 'stolen' by the daleks in 2008
Home world of the Kaveetch who created the sontaran race
This planet has a diamond landscape and a sun that emits X-tonic radiation
A planet visited by Rose Tyler where the landscape looks like a woman weeping
Home world of the pyroviles, used by the daleks to power the reality bomb
A planet based in the Horsehead Nebula and home to the ood

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