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Here are some quotes from Toy Story but there are words in them that need to be corrected. Do you know what they are?

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Forced Order
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I've set my Laser from Stun to 'tickle'said by Buzz Lightyear
You are a 'moron'!said by Woody
the claw is our 'babysitter'said by the Aliens
That wasn't flying, that was 'procrastination' with stylesaid by Woody
My 'nose hairs' could have been sucked from their socketssaid by Buzz Lightyear
I think I'm just coming off as 'sexy'.said by Rex
What would you say if I get someone else to watch the 'Great British Bake Off' for me tonight?said by Bo Peep
To 'obliteration', and beyond!said by Buzz Lightyear
Great! Now I have 'rabies'!said by Rex
I wanna ride the 'rollercoaster'...said by Sid Phillips
It's a 'bomb' Buzz!said by Woody
Mrs Potato Head, Mrs Potato Head, Mrs Potato Head, hey I can 'pee' can't I?said by Mr Potato Head
Red alert, red alert Andy is 'dying' upstairssaid by the Sergeant
You see the 'scar'? I am Mrs Nesbittsaid by Buzz Lightyear
It's a little light bulb that 'explodes'said by Woody
Well, I brought my 'hamster'! Who eats force field dogs!said by Andy
Buzz will you come over here and give a 'slap'?said by Woody
You are a sad strange little 'banjo' and you have my pitysaid by Buzz Lightyear

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