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Here are some quotes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy but there are words that aren't meant to be there. Do you know the word that should be there instead?

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Forced Order
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I am 'Dumbledore' the whitesaid by Gandalf (Two Towers)
We swears to serve the master of the 'sausages'said by Gollum (Two Towers)
I would rather share one lifetime with 'Gollum' than face all the Ages of this world alonesaid by Arwen (Fellowship of the Ring)
Never thought i'd die side by side with an 'ewok'said by Gimli (Return of the King)
You shall not 'fart'said by Gandalf (Fellowship of the Ring)
What we need is a few 'billion' taterssaid by Sam (Two Towers)
'One does not simply walk into 'Disneyland'said by Boromir (Fellowship of the Ring)
I am no 'alcoholic'said by Eowyn (Return of the King)
What business does an elf, a man and a 'jedi' have in the riddermark?said by Eomer (Two Towers)
Nine companions. So be it. You shall be the fellowship of the 'shoe lace'said by Elrond (Fellowship of the Ring)
If you are a 'moron' just speak the password and the doors will opensaid by Gandalf (Fellowship of the Ring)
Saruman. A wizard should 'enunciate' bettersaid by Treebeard (Two Towers)
Up, up, up the stairs we go. And then it's into the 'loveshack'said by Gollum (Return of the King)
They have a 'Scottish' trollsaid by Boromir (Fellowship of the Ring)
If you are referring to the incident with the 'Avengers', I was barely involved.said by Gandalf (Fellowship of the Ring)
They're taking the hobbits to 'Tesco's'said by Legolas (Two Towers)
What do trees have to talk about? Hmm, except the consistency of 'dwarf' droppingssaid by Gimli (Two Towers)
Shadowfax. He's the lord of all 'gerbils'said by Gandalf (Two Towers)

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